Swim Like a Fish

with our Certified Instructors

Join us on “Meet and Greet Day”

THURSDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2023 12.30 - 2.30pm

At the Pool Side so we can meet the swimmers and answer all your questions in person.

You can also regularly check our Facebook/website page for updates and any changes.

Lessons run alongside the school terms for the year.

What We Offer

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Aqua aerobics is a low impact exercise. Anybody with joint or spinal injuries will benefit from this class, but don’t think for a second you are not working out!!! It is a really fun way to burn those kilojoules while chatting and laughing together.
Come and join the fun!  Contact Michelle HERE!

Classes start Monday 9 October 2023 and end 31 March 2024
Monday and Wednesday 8am (Gates open at 7:50am)
Corien and Sue-Jeanne are your Aqua Aerobics Instructors.


Mum’s & Tots

Teacher Corien is Aqua Tots Trained and would love to help you teach your little one to become familiar with the wonderful watery environment.
As Summer draws near, our pool temperature reaches 30 degrees.
It’s a wonderful time to introduce your 0-2 year old to swimming in warm water where they are comfortable for longer.
Come and join the fun!

Feel the relief of a Water Confident child.
In the meantime, email me HERE with your Child’s Name, Age, Birthday and your Cel No.
Look forward to hearing from you…


3 Year olds and Up

Instructors Corien and Trudie teach this age group.
All ages.

Adults wanting to learn are welcome.
Monday to Thursday afternoons.
Our instructors are looking forward to meeting and teaching you!

Come and discover the fun of the water world!

Please contact Michelle HERE if you are interested in lessons.
The wonderful world of water awaits…and the relief of a Water Confident Child!


8-13 year olds

who can swim

Read about our Swim Levels HERE

8-13 year old swimmers who can do some of the strokes will suit these classes.
Our instructors will teach them how to do the rest.

(Please bring your child to one class so that we may assess their ability and place them into a class accordingly).

Stroke Development and Correction Classes

Developing your child’s cardiovascular fitness and building muscular strength, speed and endurance. Not to mention self-confidence, leadership, focus and a generally happy child!

They will learn:

STAMINA: to Swim numerous lengths on their own.

CORRECT TECHNIQUE:  to perfect the 4 FINA strokes and skills required for competing:  Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast-Stroke and Butterfly, Diving and Tumble turns

Outcomes for your child:  Fitness, Strength, Self-confidence, Leadership, Self-Discipline, Improvement at school with concentration, reading and writing all through the wonderful meditative motion of Swimming.

**  As an established Swimming Instructor once said to me: “Show me a competitive swimmer who does not do well academically” **

Goals may include fun, general fitness and body tone, competing in Gala’s in Primary & at High School Level, National Gala’s and in Sporting area’s such as Triathlon’s.

Contact Michelle HERE and she can discuss any questions you may have.

We will  assess their skill level during the first few classes and we swim from there!

We are looking forward to meeting and teaching you!