Children's Swimming Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: 

Memorandum of Incorporation of Off the Hoek Swim School. 



Off the Hoek Swim School is a privately-owned Swimming Pool which employs Qualified Swimming Instructors specialized in teaching the below mentioned Swimming Levels; and to grow the students’ passion for water and swimming. Off the Hoek specializes in teaching students one of the following: dependant on the students Swimming Level upon Registration; Water Confidence (0-3), Learn to Swim (3 years+), Stroke Development and Stroke Correction. Students enter into an agreement to receive swimming instruction from their current Swimming Level and progress to their Swimming Level of choice. It is headed by Michelle Van Eeden who is owner and who acts as director of the chosen projects in which Off the Hoek Swim School becomes involved with. The curriculum remains the intellectual property of Michelle Van Eeden, the Instructors and Off the Hoek Swim School and may under no circumstances be taught to any person or individual who does not have a written agreement with Off the Hoek Swim School. The contract between Off the Hoek Swim School and Student is legally binding and must be concluded by the students’ legal guardian if the student is still a minor. The contract between Off the Hoek Swim School and guardian is enforceable and the guardian will be liable for all cost necessary for the students’ participation in the Swimming Programme.


Swimming Gala’s (Competitions):

In addition, the guardian will have the option of involving the student in additional projects with Off the Hoek Swim School. At the end of each season, Off the Hoek Swim School hosts a Swimming Gala (the emphasis being on fun, no timekeeping, or judges). And less frequently, Off the Hoek Swim School attends Swimming Galas at venues in George (timekeeping and judges). The guardian will be liable for all the additional costs involving these projects e.g. Gala Entry Fees, Swimming Accessories (Costume, Goggles, Cap, Towels). It is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure travel arrangements to and from all venues.


Swimming Fees: 

Student fees are paid 4 weeks in advance and must be paid before the 2ND of each month/ by the due date on the invoice/ any other date agreed upon by Off the Hoek Swim School and guardian. 

Fees involve a registration fee and the agreed upon full amount in the student’s registration form. We do not take new students on for the 2023/2024 season after 25 February 2023.

Registration occurs annually at the start of the Swimming Season; or whenever the student begins lessons within that season.

Late fees: The guardian will be granted an extension period of one week, after which the student won’t be allowed to Swim, when after this period the fees are still outstanding. 


Please Note: 

Fees for 5 – 9 December 2023 and 16 January – 3 February 2024 (4 weeks) are to be paid in full by the 2nd of December 2023.

Gala Fees are to be paid along with Students March 2024 Swimming Fee.

Fees may only be paid electronically into the following account. 


M Beverley

First National Bank

Current Account

Account Number 6281 1858 763

Branch 250 655

Reference = Swimmers Name


We do not make-up classes missed.

-If a class is cancelled by the teacher, Michelle will credit that class to your next invoice. 

Example: Personal Emergency, Illness, or if the water temperature in the pool drops to 25 degrees or below. A message will be posted on the Whatsapp Group by 11am, the morning of the class. 

Classes missed by students, for whatever reason, will not be rescheduled or credited to your next invoice unless a doctor’s note is provided.


If a student does not wish to participate in the Swimming Gala’s with Off the Hoek Swim School, the guardian must give 2 weeks’ written notice; otherwise, they will be liable for the entry fees involved. 

If a student does not take part in mandatory swimming activities, the instructor will not be able to assess the student for term-end reports, and the student will forfeit their opportunity to be awarded reports or certificates. 



Swimming Levels:

The instructor will assess the students’ Swimming Ability at their first lesson. Off the Hoek Swim School deliver reports at the end of the Swimming Term; December and March; to notify the guardian on how the student is progressing. For more details see attachments on Off the Hoek Swim School Swimming Levels 1-7.


Off the Hoek Swim School Curriculum and Activities:

Off the Hoek Swim School is an independent Swim School and Company. The Swimming curriculum is based on the foundations of Learn to Swim South Africa (LTSSA). Off the Hoek Swimming Instructors hold valid Swimming Instructor Qualifications, Current First Aid level 1 Certificates: Current Police Clearance Certification and/or Clearance via The Department of Social Development. 

Certificates received by students at Swimming Gala’s; at Off the Hoek Swim School or at other Swimming Schools; are strictly participatory certificates/awards and will under no circumstances result in any qualification outside. The guardian may use the Certificates received in March 2023, as Awards the student has earned for the Annual 2023 Prize Giving held at Hoekwil Primary School at the end of the 4th Term.



The teacher oversees all class activities. If a student does not wish to take part in a single exercise the teacher will not be able to add that activity, as accomplished, on the students Report. 

If the student does not comply with the class rules and etiquette, the student will be asked to sit at the side of the pool until the student apologizes and changes the behaviour or until the guardian comes to fetch them. 


Please keep your child at home if they are sick – this safeguards your instructors and other children from becoming ill. Sore throats, snotty noses, coughs, pinkeye, diarrhoea, vomiting, or anything else which is contagious. Pretty please!


Dress your little one warmly after classes, dry ears, dry hair, and wrap in a warm blanket and give them a warm drink. Smaller bodies get colder more quickly.


No parents, siblings or friends are allowed into the pool tunnel during lessons (Exceptions: 0-3 years old and Students with extreme fear of water who need a parent present for first 3 lessons).


Parents of 0-3-year-olds or children who are scared: please do not leave the premises, sit in your car so the instructor may call you back to the poolside if necessary.


No Parent may ‘teach or coach’ from the side-lines. 


No parent, siblings or friends may get into the pool during class, no matter how hot it is!


Off the Hoek Swim School will notify the guardian of “Parents Watching Days” held at the end of each month. Working parents are welcome to view classes on days convenient to them, please contact your child’s instructor at least 1 hour prior to the class.


Babies and Toddlers to always wear a waterproof nappy.


Strictly no dogs or other pets allowed on premises


Please remind your child:    

          -to wait quietly outside before and after classes 

          -never get into the water without asking teacher first

          -no running around the pool

          – no eating or drinking/glass around the pool


If the student cannot attend a class, the teacher is to be informed at least one hour prior to class.

If no students are in class 15 minutes after start time, class is to be cancelled. Classes will start at the arranged time, whether all children are present or not. 


Contact Details:

Michelle Van Eeden: 064 955 4303

Corien Van De Merwe: 083 258 5713


Michellle works on the accounts and administration side and will create appropriate Whatsapp Groups to notify parents of any changes to lessons. 064 955 4303

For any personal inquiries regarding your account please contact Michelle.


If your child is absent, please notify your child’s instructor directly.

Please email or Whatsapp Doctor’s notes and Coaches Letters to Michelle regarding your child’s absence.

Please do not send long voice notes, keep under 1 minute. Thank-you.


Swim wear:

An appropriate Swimming Costume and a cap is compulsory. Goggles are optional. In cooler weather, a rash vest or longer sleeved costume may be worn. Remember a Towel and a change of warm clothes for after Swimming. Silicone or Lycra caps are easier to put on. Tying long hair up first, makes it easier to put on. Michelle has lycra caps available for purchase. Game/Mr.Price Sport/any sport shop sells caps and goggles. SAEKO & SPEEDO are good brands – make sure they are age appropriate.


School Terms:

Swimming Season starts 10 October 2023 and ends 31 March 2024. ( We plan on swimming for a longer period of time this next season but will keep you informed if you wish to continue swimming longer.)

Off the Hoek Swim School will be closed for school holidays from 9 December 2023 to 16 January 2024. Swimming will end for the season on 31 March 2023. (We plan on hosting swimming clinics during the December holiday but will keep you informed on the subject)



Swimming will continue as usual if it rains, or becomes cooler, and the water temperature remains at 27 degrees or higher. If there is lightening, children will be asked to get out of the water.



Complaints should follow any of the following procedures:

1. Written complaints: to be given to teacher at the end of the student’s class 

2. Verbal complaints: Meeting to be scheduled between director/ teacher and student/ guardian. Parents and students may by no means approach the teacher, any other student or parent during teaching hours. These above-mentioned actions will lead to immediate termination of the contract where the guardian will still be liable for all the outstanding class fees until date of termination.  


Cancelation of contract: 

2 week’s written notice must be given in cancelation of the contract. 2 weeks fees are to be paid in full, regardless of student attending class or not. 

If fees were paid in full for the season’s contract and/ or registration fees, the fees are not refundable when cancelling the contract. 

Notice must be given by 25 November 2023 if your child will not be swimming in January 2024. 

No notice may be given from 26 November 2023 to 16 January 2024. 

This is a monthly contract with 4-weekly instalments from October to March as described under ‘Fees’. 

If notice is given between 26 November 2023 and 16 January 2024, the guardian will still be liable for the full final instalment of 5 December to 3 February. 

A waiting period for re registration in the following season will also apply.


Alcoholic and illegal substances: 

No alcoholic and/or illegal substances are allowed on the premises. Any student, instructor or parent of student who fails to comply with this rule will be relieved of their contract immediately. Any suspicion of the use of alcohol and or illegal substances on the premises will be reported to the authorities immediately and will result in random drug testing on premises. This rule applies to students (minors included), parents of students and any person on the premises involved with Off the Hoek Swim School.



Property of Off the Hoek Swim School/Shea Skelton/Instructors: If any damages are caused by a student, guardian or relative of the student to any property of Off the Hoek Swim School/Shea Skelton/Instructors (changing rooms and communal areas or their contents, chairs, tables, mirrors, toilets, toilet paper, towels or cleaning materials etc.) the guardian will be held liable for the damages. 


Business hours:

Administrative Queries/Accounts/Phone Calls//Meetings: 10h00 – 13h00   Monday & Wednesday

             08h30 – 12h00 Tuesday & Thursday 

Classes: As agreed in registration forms



  1. Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors will not be held liable for any injuries during class or at Swimming Gala’s. Swimming is a hazardous activity to which injuries are common. 
  2. Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors will not be held liable for any injuries or any other irregularities on the property or the property outside the Swimming Pool/School Gate. Students are not allowed to wonder off during class time. It is the students’ responsibility to remain inside the gate or pool and take part in training. 
  3. Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors will not be held liable for any injury at Swimming Gala’s or Competitions or outside the Gala or Competition Venues. 
  4. If a student needs to be transported to any event by the instructor or any other individual assigned by Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors, they will not be held liable in the event of any accidents or irregularities. 
  5. Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors will not be held liable or responsible for students after class hours. If a guardian is late for unforeseen reasons, the instructor will attempt to stay with the students if possible, but the Instructor is by no means responsible for above mentioned action and will not be held liable for any event that appears if she stayed or left. 
  6. Transport to and from classes are the responsibility of the guardian. Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors will not be held liable for any miscommunication in connection with the means of transportation (taxi’s, carpools, or motorcars) and the individual that takes responsibility for the students’ safety before and after the students’ swimming lesson. 
  7. Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors will not be held liable to any accidents, losses, injuries, deaths, claims, damages, and irregularities at any time of day (during, before and after class) on and outside the premises of Off the Hoek Swim School. 
  8. Off the Hoek Swim School/Michelle Van Eeden/Instructors will not be held liable for any loss of student, guardian, or relatives of students’ property during, before or after class hours. 
  9. The participant hereby fully discharges Off the Hoek Swim School, its owners, employees and agents from any and all claims, demands, rights or action or causes of action, present or future, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of the participant taking part in Off the Hoek Swim School activities, including, but not limited to any claims or personal injuries resulting from or arising out of the negligence of Off the Hoek Swim School, owners, employees or agents.
  10. I have read this Form and understand the content thereof as well as the risks associated with my child’s participation in any activity.